Saeros Patryn

A manipulative mage inked with necromantic tattoos.


Saeros is a manipulative mage of a distant civilisation, outcast due to association with necromantic magic.

Due to long isolation the Patryn race study the magic of tattoos where power is embedded into a casters flesh. A Patryn wizards spellbook is the symbols etched into his skin.
A young savant with magic Saeros studied the spirit magic used in funeral and death rites. Working in secret he manipulated the patterns of known tattoo magic to create new and dark powers forbidden by his people.
When crafting the traditional magi staff Saeros used the wood from the sacred Blood Ash tree and was banished for his crime.

Saeros is bald, tall and thin, dark skinned due to rigorous mountainous life. He wears simple tunics clearly showing the inked symbols that cover his skin. He presents them with pride and a secret delight knowing the ignorant don’t recognise the necromantic power he openly displays.
In battle he wields a heavy blood red staff which issue dark and shadowy powers. He summons spirits to spread fear and control enemies with cold spectral talons to be destroyed at leisure.

He is obsessed with obtaining knowledge of necromantic rituals and he scours the world for the secrets of immortality while travelling with adventurers for protection.
Unknown to his companions Saeros has designed hidden symbology within the groups crest. He hopes that it will draw the attention of dark powers and lead him to the knowledge he craves.

Saeros Patryn

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