Simran Mandakani

A changeling monk who's shifting battle forms reflect the animal aspects of her gods.


Simran Mandakani is a member of the Formless, border guards of the changeling nation Kilari.

The Kilari is a strict nation of changelings who worship the Aspects, a pantheon of twelve animal spirits each representing a facet of Kilari society. At birth a Kilari will adopt the animal features of one of the aspects. Their role in society is defined by the caste they are born to.
The nation is governed by a theocracy of twelve, a spiritual leader appointed from each caste.

Sim is the daughter of Aagney Mandakani, a well respected pujaris (priest) of the Dragon caste.

Curious to a fault Sim continued to explore her changeling shapechanging ability into early adulthood. The Kilari have strict social laws and when a Kilari does not, or can not adopt the animal features of their caste they cannot fulfil the duties of their caste. In these cases Kilari either leave to find homes elsewhere in the world, or they become part of the Formless, a guardian force that protects the borders of the nation.

Sim is happy and bright and undertakes her role in the Formless with dedication. She displays the natural charm and leadership of the Dragon caste she was originally born to. Under tutelage she has developed a unique fighting style where a combat maneuver reflects a divine animal aspect.
In battle the quick step of the Monkey’s Tail flows into the fiery heat of the Dragon’s Spirit. A Rodent Scurry to a stable position becomes the Stalking Tiger waiting for the perfect moment to execute the Talons of the Hawk.

Simran Mandakani

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